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Last summer, I was tasked with the mission of completely overhauling my Glen Ellyn home’s garage – which after many years had started to slowly look (and function) like a glorified storage unit. During the process, which included the installation of new Husky storage cabinets/lockers, re-epoxying of the floors, painting, and general upkeep, I had to decide what to do with one of the load-bearing poles positioned in the center of the garage. Quite common in basements and garages, I felt that there had to be some smart solutions available on the interweb to make use of something as obtrusive […]

Going through one of my external hard drives and trying to condense as much as I can into some semblance of organization, I found some of my black and white scans from my freshman year at Syracuse University. The class was called “Introduction to Art Photography” and taught us everything from film developing to printing. My favorite part of the class was screwing up – finding my photos over/under developed, which would end up printing some very strange/interesting results.

Thursday morning offered the SXSW community an amazing¬†opportunity to hear from the legendary Dave Grohl as he presented the keynote speech for SXSW music at the Austin Convention Center. While I could go on for ages on how exciting it was to hear from such a huge artist and his opinions on just about every aspect of the industry , just about every real music blog out there it covered. Instead, I’ll make this post simple. These are the bands that I saw over the course of, what I would consider, the most exhausting day of my life. Great weather, […]

From my last post, it’s easy to imagine that some of you might have thought I was having a less than ideal time at SXSW 2013. Well…rest assured that, in the span of ¬†one night, that’s all changed. I’ve never been so excited to jump back into it today while still being absolutely beat from the amount of energy that Austin put out last night. It was a day of great panels, great shows, great food, and a great atmosphere. Before I go on about yesterday (Wednesday), let’s jump back to Tuesday night, post-agressive SXSWi blog post, where I hit […]

So yesterday was kind of a bust. While personally I got a lot of work done (a day lost, a week gained!) in anticipation of meeting up with some great people during the music portion of SXSW, I didn’t have much time to take in the closing remarks of the interactive portion of the week. However, through my many ways I was able to get some great coverage of some of the days happenings. Here’s what I’ve learned about the whole interactive experience… If you are a company that has the capabilities and means to change the game, why not […]